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Debrisoft (Pad or Lolly)

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Debrisoft monofilament products are highly effective and virtually painless wound bed preparation devices that immediately produce visible results.  Debrisoft penetrates,
disrupts, and detaches biofilm, slough, keratosis and non-viable debris in both acute and chronic wounds, while protecting granulation tissue.

Product composition The fiber composite material of Debrisoft consists of 100% knitted monofilament polyester fibers. The back layer is made from a polyacrylate that contains no colophony or colophony derivatives, giving added stability.  Additionally, Debrisoft Lolly features a blue X-ray detectable polypropylene thread sewn into the head and onto a break-resistant polypropylene handle.

The fiber composite material of Debrisoft consists of 100% knitted monofilament polyester fibers. 

Beveled fiber tips loosens debris effectively while protecting newly-formed granulation tissue and epithelial cells.

Fiber composite lifts, binds, and removes slough and debris, including biofilm.

Debrisoft® is recommended for cleansing of both acute and chronic wounds, including but not limited to:
■ Leg ulcers
■ Diabetic ulcers
■ Pressure injuries
■ Burns, including 3rd degree burns after surgical debridement
■ Traumatic and surgical wounds (e.g., abrasions, incisions, lacerations) Debrisoft is also highly effective for the removal of hyperkeratotic tissue, including lymphedema-ssociated
keratosis, dry skin, and seborrheic plaques. Debrisoft Lolly is recommended for the cleansing of deep, undermining, and tunneling wounds as well as hard-to-reach areas like in-between toes and skin folds.

■ Unlike microfiber gauze, and/or nonwoven pads, Debrisoft fibers penetrate deep through biofilm and slough providing visible results in 2–4 minutes
■ Construction provides built in safety and effectively lifts, binds and removes slough and debris, including biofilm
■ Protects new granulation tissue and epithelial cells in a virtually painless procedure
■ Debrisoft Lolly safely reaches deep into cavities and undermined areas where sharps instruments are not indicated or appropriate
■ Debrisoft works with normal saline or your preferred cleanser to dramatically speed up and augment wound bed preparation
■ Easy to use

To note
■ For debridement and wound bed preparation only — it must NOT be left on or in the wound.
■ Can be used each time the wound dressing is changed, as required.
■ Debrisoft should be used until the wound is thoroughly cleansed and has progressed to the granulation phase.
■ Before using, moisten the soft, fleecy head with saline solution. Please always refer to local guidelines.
■ Do not cut or wring.

Recommended combinations
■ Wound dressings: Suprasorb, Vliwasorb
■ If compression is needed e.g., venous leg ulcers: Rosidal TCS, ReadyWrap

Debridement pads made of 100% unbleached monofilament fibers and a polyacrylate coating. Safely cleans wounds by removing slough, debris, biofilm, and bacterial load. 

Allows for virtually painless cleansing of superficial and chronic wounds, including diabetic and pressure ulcers and third degree burns. 

  • Shows visible results in as little as 2-4 minutes
  • 10cm x 10cm  Squares sold in a pack of 5 (Product # 31222)
  • 13cm x 20cm  Squares sold in a pack of 5 (Product # 33223)
  • 5cm x 1.9cm    Lolly - 5 per box (Product # 33224)
  • 10 boxes per Case (QT of 50)

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