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JUZO Night Compression Arm Garment

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Product Description

Juzo Night - Uniform, comfortable compression for lymphedema maintenance. Juzo Night is the perfect complement to circular and flat knit compression garments worn during the day, preventing edema from rebounding during the night.

Easy to wear – Juzo Night is patient-friendly and effective when day wear compression garments are removed for resting or sleep. Juzo Night is lightweight, comfortable and easy to put on and take off, encouraging patient self-care and compliance anywhere.

Perfect Night Garment A good night’s sleep or afternoon nap positively impacts patient well-being. Juzo Night provides ease-of-use and exceptional comfort, and reduces
sensations of tension and pressure caused by edema.

Everything going the right way Designed to support lymphatic pathways, Juzo Night’s stitched foam channels promote lymphatic drainage, ensure decongestion, and reduce swelling.

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