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JUZO Move Thigh High (JUZ-361AG)

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Product Description

Juzo Move Compression Stockings

Easy to put on & off. Enhanced comfort.

JUZO Move slides on like a second skin with its patented Slide Knit Technology, Instep Functional Zone & large heel. It is noticeably easier to slip over the heel & ankle.  Juzo Move comfortably delivers medical compression all day! 


  • Models: 3611 & 3612
  • Styles:  Thigh High
  • Sizes: I, II, III, IV, V
  • Lengths: Regular, Short
  • Compressions: 20-30 & 30-40 mmHg
  • Black and Beige
  • Available with Silicone Border only


  • Varicose & Spider veins
  • Varices in Pregnancy
  • Pre & Post Vein procedure
  • Mild Edema /Swelling
  • Poster Thrombotic Syndrome - (Experience pain or swelling after DVT)
  • Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI) - (Poor Circulation)
  • Mild - Moderate Lymphedema


  • Patented Slide Knit Technology - Easy on & off, no pulling.
  • Instep Functional Zone - No binding, crease-free
  • Special Knit for the Foot- Prevents folding & bunching
  • High Microfiber Content - Enhanced wearing comfort
  • Odor Shield Technology - Guards against odor
  • Good Containment - Mild to moderate swelling

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