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Circaid Reduction Kit Wrap - Lobe

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Product Description

Circaid Reduction Kit Lobe

The Reduction Kit Lobe offers additional compression and coverage for patients with extreme lobes and must be used with Upper & Lower Leg Reduction Kits

Designed for acute drainage phase lymphedema management, patients will enjoy the liberating nature of an inelastic garment system they can remove for normal hygiene and re-apply themselves without the aid of a caregiver or clinician. After using the reduction kit, patients will never go back to bandaging again!


  • The Reduction Kit Lobe includes: (1) a reduction lobe component; (2) 8 beige hooks; (3) 6 white hook/stays
  • The single reduction lobe kit can be combined with the reduction kit knee, upper thigh piece, and lower leg piece to address oddly shaped lobes for full leg coverage
  • The customizable reduction kit system is trimmed to fit in the clinic and as a result adaptable to your patient's unique needs.
  • Made with breath-o-prene material for better heat and moisture transfer
  • Easy handling, juxtapose straps.

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