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Actimove Arthritis Care Ankle Support

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Actimove Arthritis Care Ankle Support

If you’re suffering from arthritis, it may be difficult for you to bend your ankles to manage everyday tasks as you once could, and that’s normal. Actimove® Arthritis Care Ankle Support helps relieve ankle pain caused by osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Unique ceramic fibers retain and reflect body heat to provide soothing warmth that helps with pain relief, while promoting the blood circulation around your ankle to help you return to your daily activities faster. Plus, the four-way stretch fabric provides light compression to help reduce swelling and stiffness. The Flex-Zones are designed to be even more elastic to allow your ankle to bend. Thanks to its latex-free formula, the sleeve can be worn by those allergic or sensitive to latex, as it does not contain natural rubber latex. To find the correct size, simply measure the circumference of the leg just above your ankle and select the right size based on the size chart.​

Unique ceramic fibers retain and reflect body heat for soothing warmth to help relieve pain.

Four-way stretch provides light, comfortable compression to reduce swelling for improved mobility.

Therapeutic warming promotes circulation around the ankle for faster return to daily activities.

Can be worn on the left or right ankle.


Fields of application: Painful arthritis of the ankle joint.

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