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Caresia Gauntlet Bandage Liner

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Product Description

Caresia Bandage Liners are standard-sized bandage liners, which simplify complex multi-layered bandaging protocols, while enhancing therapeutic outcomes in the active phase of therapy. Caresia Bandage Liners replace stockinette and multiple layers of padding or foam. Patients simply don the Caresia and then, using a spiral or figure-eight wrapping style with 50% overlap, wrap over the top of the Caresia with short-stretch bandages. The short-stretch bandages should be applied to provide a snug fit, but not tight.   A shortened version of the Caresia Glove, the Caresia Gauntlet Bandage Liner provides coverage to the PIPs to allow greater finger dexterity and functionality for everyday tasks. Each Caresia Gauntlet also incorporates individual digit spacers for swelling between the MCPs (knuckles). Like the Caresia Glove, the Gauntlet may also be worn under a Caresia Arm Bandage Liner.

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