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SP-05 - Swell Spot Pad - Rectangular-Tapered

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Product Description

Swell Spots began as mini-solutions to the big challenge of lymphedema. News spread, and hand therapists and other professionals now use them to meet a wide range of rehabilitation needs, such as problematic areas of swelling, tissue fibrosis, and contouring over and around boney prominences. Wherever there is a pocket of swelling there are Swell Spots to fit the job.

Available in two sizes:

Small (11cm x 36cm)
Large (18cm x 42 cm)

Swell Spots Facts

•Intended for individual use only.
•High performance fabrics are latex free.
•Cleared for manufacture by the FDA as medical products.
•Machine wash and dry on permanent press setting with mild detergents.
•Made in the USA.

Katina Swell Spot was originally designed by Katina Kirby, OTR/L, MS, CLT-LANA, for use along the ulna (The thinner and longer of the two bones in the human forearm, on the side opposite to the thumb). The tapered shape makes this Swell Spot useful in treating many difficult areas such as addressing the stubborn indurate tissue along the ulnar aspect of the forearm, along the IT band of the lateral thigh, and padding the anterior surface of the calf. Create a muff by placing three Katina Spots in a tri-folded stockinette. 

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