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SINGLE ARM - Bandaging Kit (AK201)

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Product Description

Convenient prepackaged kits simplify the order process as well as inventory management. These helpful lymphedema product kits contain enough materials to apply a complete compression bandaging, including padding for upper or lower extremities, and are shipped in convenient bandage cartons. Kits are available as Single or Double Kits and are customizable. Kits include an illustrated compression bandaging guide and bandage care instructions.

The Single Arm and Leg Kit contains one set of materials (Stockinette, Short and Medium-Stretch Bandages, Gauze Bandages, Padding Bandages) needed for the application of a bandage. The Double Arm and Leg Kit contains two complete sets of those materials - one to wear and one to wash. 


This Kit Contains: 
1 x Rosidal K 6cm x 5m (Short Stretch) 
1 x Rosidal K 8cm x 5m (Short Stretch) 
2 x Rosidal K 10cm x 5m (Short Stretch) 
2 x Cellona 10cm x 3.7m (Padding) 
20 x Transelast Classic 6cm x 4m (Gauze) 
1 x TG Size 6 - 6.5cm x 20m (Stockinette) 
1 x Silkafix 1.25cm x 5m (Tape) 
Bandage Guide and Care Instructions

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