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Mediven Harmony Arm Sleeve

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Product Description

Mediven Harmony the revolutionary new Armsleeve from Medi effectively combining containment w/ a gentle touch. The innovative round knit is guaranteed to be effective. The ellipses on the point of the elbow and in the elbow crease offer freedom of movement in daily like. The innovative fabric in the ellipses reduces the filling of pressure during flexion and extension of the elbow. The ellipse in the elbow creases encourages optimum lymphatic drainage. Wrinkles in this flexure are reduced to a minimum to prevent soreness. This is a major advance in compression therapy. The hand part of the combined Armsleeve offers tow flat seems and a wedge at the web of the thumb. This helps to provide even compression that increases wearing comfort and adherence. Avaibable in 3 colors and 7 sizes. Combo Available w/ Armsleeve and Gauntlet Silicone

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