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Suprasorb A Alginate Bandage (10pcs/box)

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Product Description

Suprasorb A - Available in 3 Sizes

■ For the management of acute and chronic wounds:
◆ Moderate to heavily exuding
◆ Superficial or deep Such as:
◆ Pressure injuries
◆ Venous leg ulcers
◆ Diabetic foot ulcers
◆ Skin donor sites
◆ Second degree burns
◆ Post-operative wounds Benefits
■ Rapid formation of gel providing a moist wound environment to promote wound healing
■ Absorbs large quantities of exudate
■ High comfort due to soft structure and easy packing
■ Conforms to the wound bed
■ Easily removed

Recommended combinations
■ Wound bed preparation: Debrisoft
■ Secondary wound dressings for heavily exuding wounds: Vliwasorb, Vliwasorb Border, Suprasorb P, Suprasorb P Border
■ Secondary dressing: Suprasorb F
■ If compression is needed: Rosidal TCS, ReadyWrap

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