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Basic Lymphedema Bandaging (Upper and Lower Extremities)

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Recognizing the need to support trained lymphedema therapists in reviewing the essential skills of lymphedema management, the Academy of Lymphatic Studies has prepared this visual aid to guide lymphedema therapists through the essential steps in the application of multi-layered short stretch compression bandages. This DVD serves to reinforce the correct use of essential materials used in compression bandaging for lymphedema of the upper and lower extremities.

This video demonstration follows the basic principles for the application of compression bandaging and employs the use of short-stretch compression bandages, gauze bandages, foam padding and kidney-shaped dense foam pieces.

WARNING: Improper application of compression bandages can be harmful to the patient. For this reason, the purpose of this demonstration is to review the application of basic bandaging techniques on extremities for trained lymphedema therapists only. These videos are not intended to teach the application of bandaging materials for the treatment of lymphedema to untrained individuals.

Contents of this DVD include:

  • Application of stockinette to create a barrier between the skin and the compression materials
  • Application of gauze bandages for toes and fingers
  • Correct application of padding bandages and foam pieces (lower extremity) to ensure even distribution of pressure and protection of sensitive anatomical features
  • Selection of the correct width of bandage rolls according to anatomical features
  • Construction of a cylinder and correct compression gradient
  • Correct application, overlapping and tensioning of short-stretch compression bandages
  • Application of a hip attachment to ensure stability of the bandages and/or application of trunkal compression (lower extremity)

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