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JoViPak Full Channeled Cylinder PitPak

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Product Description

Full-Channeled Cylinder PitPak

Full channeled cylinder JOBST® PitPaks are designed to be used under compression to soften circumferential woody or long-standing fibrosis. This product has multiple single rows of cherry pits sewn around the entire garment. These products resemble small beanbags and was developed specifically to address a stubborn problem: long-standing or woody fibrosis. Made for Organic Cotton / Lyca fabric and filled with natural cherry pits (instead of foam)., they provide a massaging action as the patient moves and the cherry pits settle into and soften the fibrotic tissue. PitPak Cylinders used under short-stretch bandaging facilitates the softening of fibrotic tissue in a variety of body locations.   

PRECAUTIONS: When highly resilient foam will not soften fibrosis or long-standing edema, therapists can order JoViPitPaks for these difficult areas. The fill is all natural cherry pits washed and dried in a gas fired dryer at 150 degrees F. for an hour and a half, destroying the possibility of sprouting or being used for seed purposes. This highly aggressive therapy and must only be used with therapists’ supervision, initially for no more than 20 minutes to determine tissue tolerance.

Fabric: 91 % organic cotton, 9 % elastane (spandex)
Filling: 100 % cherry pits

S: 18 - 23 cm circumference, 20 cm length
M: 23 - 30 cm circumference, 20 cm length
L: 28 - 38 cm circumference, 28 cm length
XL: 36 - 43 cm circumference, 28 cm length

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