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JOBST Anti-Embolism Thigh High Stockings

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Product Description

Jobst Anti-Embolism 

In cooperation with leading vascular specialists, JOBST® engineers developed the JOBST® Gradient Compression Seamless Anti-Embolism Elastic Stocking, specifically designed to combat thromboembolism. The JOBST® Anti-Embolism Elastic Stocking does this by using gradient compression. Gradient compression requires that the greatest amount of pressure be applied to the ankle with this pressure gradually lessening up the length of the leg. Gradient compression helps improve the ability of the veins to move blood back toward the heart. The use of JOBST® Anti-Embolism Elastic Stocking is an accepted prophylaxis for minimizing the risk of thromboembolism in hospitalized patients requiring bed rest or prolonged periods of immobilization.

• Accurate gradient compression therapy helps minimize the risk of DVT (blood clots) 

• Soft, breathable fabric is lightweight 

• Reinforced heel makes stocking more durable 

• Two styles are available: Knee High and Thigh High 

• The range of sizes offered supports a proper fit to help increase patient use 

• For Men and Women 

• Not made with natural rubber latex

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