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Cutimed Sorbact Gel - 3in x 6in (10pcs/box)

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Product Description

Cutimed Sorbact Gel pads combine WCL with preservative-free hydrogel to promote autolytic debridement in a convenient ready-to-use pouch.

Cutimed Sorbact binds and removes bacteria. It is coated with DACC (dialkylcarbamoylchloride), a highly hydrophobic fatty acid derivative that wound bacteria find very attractive. Bacteria become bound to Cutimed Sorbact, and to each other, so they are unable to move back to the wound bed. Physical removal of the bacteria may help reduce bacterial toxin release and replication. Wound contact layer impregnated with a hydrogel, Promotes autolytic debridement, Used for slough or partly necrotic wounds


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