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Cutimed Sorbion Sachet Multi Star Dressing Pad - 5.5in (10pcs/box)

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Product Description

Cutimed Sorbion dressings featuring Hydration Response Technology offer a unique combination of mechanically modified cellulose fibers and gelling agents, encased by a polypropylene outer layer.  The symbiotic interaction between the cellulose fibers and the gelling agents help regulate the wound environment and is suitable for wound bed preparation and tissue protection.  Available:Sachet S - for highly exuding woundsSachet Border - combined with adhesive border for easier applicationSachet Multi Star - fits perfectly to the anatomical shape of the bodySachet XL - special size for the ulcus cruris covering the entire lower legSachet S Drainage - specially designed for catheters and drainageSana Multi Star - unique shape allows for flexible application of difficult-to-dress sitesSana Gentle - a 2-D structured contact layer made of polyethylene to protect granulation tissue

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