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Cutimed Gel, Hydration and Debridement (10pcs/box)

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Product Description

Cutimed Gel, Hydration and Debridement

Cutimed® Gel is a sterile hydrogel that adapts to wound bed. Cutimed Gel maintains a moist wound environment that supports the body’s own wound healing. By releasing moisture, it softens necroses and wound coating and facilitates effective tissue-conserving debridement. It is suitable for each wound healing stage and allows easy application and removal.

Pure formulation and preservative-free for less risk of allergic reactions

Can be covered with many types of secondary dressings (e.g. film dressings) without risk of incompatibility

Moisture donation allows for less frequent dressing changes and effective debridement

Clear amorphous hydrogel with pure formulation to reduce the risk of allergic reaction

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