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Cutimed Hydro B Wound Dressing, Sterile

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Product Description

Cutimed Hydro B Wound Dressing, Sterile available in 4 sizes

Cutimed® Hydro B is a hydrocolloid dressing designed to maintain a moist wound environment. The dressing material interacts with the wound exudate to form a soft gel. Cutimed Hydro B is a dressing with a tapered edge and a thicker core and has stronger liquid absorption capacity than Cutimed Hydro L. It can be bonded to the skin for a long time.

Maintains a moist wound healing environment: Helps to maintain a moist wound environment and supports moist wound healing.

Helps relieve pain during treatment: The dressing is easily removed intact with minor pain for the patient.

Facilitates autolytic debridement: By releasing moisture, Cutimed Hydro facilitates autolytic debridement.

Wear time: The dressing change interval may be several days. Change the dressing before it is fully saturated, at signs of leakage, or as indicated by clinical practice. The same product cannot be used for more than 7 days, continuous use cannot be more than 30 days.

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