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JOBST Bella Lite Glove

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Product Description

JOBST Bella Lite 

JOBST® Bella™ Lite Ready-To-Wear Upper Extremity Garments provide gradient compression to assist in the management of mild to moderate lymphedema and other edemas. Garments are lightweight, attractive, and comfortable. Additionally, they are available in a wide range of sizes that were determined after utilizing data from thousands of patients' arms and hands to ensure a proper fit for almost every patient.

Soft and air permeable.

Lightweight, knit construction.

Fits a wide range of arm and hand shapes.

Reduced compression at the wrist provides an effective and comfortable fit when the Armsleeve and Gauntlet are worn together.

Easy to put on, comfortable to wear.


INDICATIONS: Edema; Lymphedema. Compression garments can also be used for: Phlebitis; Post-thrombotic syndrome; Vascular malformations; Post-liposuction.


CONTRAINDICATIONS: Arterial insufficiency; Cutaneous infection; Dermatitis in the acute phase; Wet dermatosis; Conditions where increased venous and/or lymphatic return is not desired.

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