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Prairie Wear Hugger Prima

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Product Description

High to Medium Compression & Coverage Post-Surgical / Lymphedema / Every Day   Our HuggerPRIMA is made especially for: those looking for full compression, coverage & security – compression with circulation post-surgical patients and lymphedema patients who may need to add prosthetics, padding, pressure pads, or ice larger cup-size women who love high impact exercise, running or yoga or active, nursing moms women undergoing chemotherapy that need to allow easy port access and straps that don’t irritate the port area. post-surgical patients (all bodies/all genders) who need full compression and coverage – the modesty pads can easily be removed. those wanting more every day security, support & comfort   Key HuggerPRIMA Features: Targeted, mapped 360 compression Full axilla & body coverage Breast/Body pockets Easy on/off - Adjustable straps w/2 g-hooks Comfortable, breathable, easy 24/7 wear & care  Add the ExtenderPRIMA for more flexibility and comfort.

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